Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan nuclear fallout map -- it started out as a hoax, but could it turn out to be true ? At least, as it concerns the direction of any fallout ?

UPDATED : Breaking news :

UPDATED ! No official link-back can be found to the Japan fallout forecast map. (The graphic has been removed, but it can be seen by clicking on the preceding link.) Further research indicates that the graphic was a hoax. Nevertheless, the direction indicated on the map is consistent with the Pacific Ocean jet stream and with a forecast by an Austrian meteorological model. There is no way to confirm the rad level predictions. (A ''rad'' is a measured unit of absorbed radiation dose.) Furthermore, comments to this blog post suggest that the trade or prevailing winds, such as the westerlies, would carry any nuclear radiation particles, not the jet stream. No contradiction, though, suggests that the direction of the map was incorrect. In fact, nuclear radiation is already being detected by the U.S. Navy down wind from the site of the nuclear power plant explosions. In the latest news report, The Daily Mail reports that the "Nuclear Regulatory Commission admits it is 'quite possible' radiation could reach the U.S."

Early on Saturday morning (New York Time), a suspicious map circulated on the Internet. The map was exposed to be a hoax, because the rad levels were unrealistic, and there was no official link-back to the map. But with several explosions at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, could nuclear meltdown occur ? And could wind currents carry dangerous levels of radioactivity ?

The suspicious map, bearing the logo of Australian Radiation Services, indicated that exposure to radiation following a likely nuclear fallout from the nuclear power plant explosion in Fukushima, Japan, could reach the West Coast of the United States within 6 to 10 days time. While the map may appear suspicious, the direction of the spread is consistent with the Pacific Ocean jet stream and/or trade or prevailing winds. And if the rad levels were wrong, has a scientist issued any realistic levels of radiation that would be spread by wind currents in the event of a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima ? Confirmation that nuclear radioactivity is now in the wind currents comes from The New York Daily News : "The U.S. 7th Fleet, positioned about 100 miles northeast of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to deliver aid to Japan's coastal region, moved its ships further away due to 'airborne radioactivity' and contamination found on its planes." Making the worst case scenario -- a nuclear meltdown -- all the more likely is the fact that employees at the Fukushima nuclear power plant have abandoned their posts and fled their responsibilities -- this comes after a third explosion at the doomed power plant.

Even as David McIntyre, a spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said, "Right now it's quite possible that there could be some radiation floating over the United States," the NRC "downplayed the threat to Americans," however. Mr McIntyre told the AFP: "We don't think that it would be particularly harmful... even in a worst case scenario," according to The Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, here is a YouTube video of the first nuclear power plant explosion at Fukushima from a Japanese news program. It shows what could be white smoke and/or steam rising from the building as a result of the nuclear power plant explosion. Video Credit : ProducerMatthew.

Separately, supplemental reports have come in that the Japanese government has imposed an evacuation area spreading 20 kilometers around the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. Prior to the explosion, energy scientists had been managing the nuclear emergency at the power plant by releasing steam, to relieve pressure in the cooling system. One risk from releasing steam is that critical water in the cooling system is lost ; if too much water is lost, there is a depletion in the cooling system, thereby leading to a risk of exposing the core, leading, in turn, to a nuclear meltdown.

Apparently, radiation would be carried across the Pacific Ocean by the wind currents, such as the jet stream. Scientists have not yet determined the amount of radiation that has been released by the nuclear power plant explosion. So far, the only information available is coming from nations nearer to Japan. United States government officials have yet to make any risk assessments in connection with radiation exposure.

Fukushima is approximately 150 miles north from Tokyo. Residents within the immediate Fukushima radius are being told to stay indoors, turn off air conditioners, and avoid drinking tap water. It is not yet known what nuclear emergency advisories are being made, or preparations being taken, at other large large cities in Japan. Later on Saturday, however, there was news that the company that operates the power plant planned to use sea water to cool down the reactor's core, and it was also reported that authorities were planning for the distribution of Iodine to residents. (Iodine can be taken to prevent the absorption of radiation by the thyroid, reported MSNBC.)

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[Updated Monday, 14 March 2011 9:20 am EDT] : Whereas the original photograph that circulated last weekend was not an official map, the forecast direction where wind currents would carry airborne radioactivity is generally consistent with the jet stream and the westerly wind currents over the Pacific Ocean. Tom Costello, an NBC News correspondent for The Today Show, predicted that nuclear radiation would be carried by wind currents over the Pacific Ocean, but would ''dissipate'' over the ocean, presumably before any radioactivity would reach the U.S. West Coast. No scientific evidence was given to support that radioactivity would completely dissipate, however.


  1. What is not mentioned in this write-up is that there has been a violent explosion at the Fukushima power plant with consequent release of white smoke (steam?) from the reactor building.

    While it is not known how much, if any, of the steam was radioactive, the likelihood of a reactor containment failure is more likely with the cooling system catastrophically broken.

    Footage of Japanese video of the explosion and the steam release is here

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  3. The jet stream will carry radioactivity?
    The explosion was not in the upper atmosphere. Prevailing winds at the time were NNW - any radiation is likely to be directed to China and Russai.
    Americans get a grip pls!

  4. These particles will come on the trade winds not the jet which is why they take 6 days. As the author mentioned were they on the jet they would take 36 hours.

    "Trade winds ... are dependable all year round, although they may vary in strength, dropping off a little in the summer months.

    Mariners learned to rely on the trades centuries ago."

    map of pacific ocean trade winds i.e. surface ocean wind currents

    October 27, 2003
    The Coriolis Effect
    Real Audio Report

  5. Nobody knows anything, do NOT CALL it a HOAX. Winds flow from west to east

  6. guys i am on the west coast and i am scared. what the fuck are we supposed to do?

  7. you are supposed to do nothing like the rest of the sheeple until told otherwise.

    It wouldn't hurt to have Potassium Iodide (KI) tablets.
    But you and the rest aren't ever expected to actually be prepared for anything are you...

  8. Try this one-
    the Earth is 24,000 miles around
    it takes 24 hours to make one revolution
    therefor if the dust does nothing but go straight up and straight down the Earth would travel the distance of 6000 miles in 6 hours underneath them.
    Because it is super heated steam with radioactive particles say they take 3 hours to rise to 5000-35,000 ft (like a hot air balloon) and then 3 hours down (like a cold air balloon) they would be in San Fransico in about 6 hours.
    Guess what: They're here already!

    Actually there is a new non toxic iodine called NUTRIODINE that is much safer and mimics your bodies own Iodine 100%.

  9. What is the exyent of the "partial meltdown?"

  10. Remember when the Japanese released balloon bombs to the west coast.

  11. Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds

  12. Potassium iodine DOES NOT protect against Cesium-137. It is only meant to protect against the effects of radioactive iodine, as a prevention against thyroid cancer.

  13. Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.

  14. @Paul: The atmosphere is not stationary relative to the Earth's surface, i.e. the Earth is not spinning "under" the atmosphere - the atmosphere rotates with the Earth. If it were, normal wind speeds (air passing as measured from some geosynchronous or surface point such as where you are standing when you go outside) would be 1000 MPH by your reasoning, which it sure doesn't feel like outside. I suspect if your claim were true, the flesh would be stripped from our bodies as soon as we went outside.

    The 6-10 day prediction for arrival at the west coast via the trade winds is accurate.

  15. There has been no full-scale meltdown at any of the Japanese reactors nor has there been any serious release of radioactivity. They now suspect fuel damage at all three of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors but there is no indication of a catastrophic meltdown.

  16. There is a product called Prussian Blue
    for Cesium-137 contamination. It requires a prescription and is not the artists dye. Seems its part of the strategic national stockpile.

  17. The Japanese sent balloons with bombs attached to California during WWII.

  18. This is all a bunch of GARBAGE! You're such a bunch of fearmongering freaks you can't understand that reality might not be what's on some crummy site on a computer screen.

    Want proof?


    Hear, read a little bit about nuclear energy and educate yourselves. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.


  21. The best thing to do is don't worry, be happy.

  22. Hey Ericswan, you believe that crap?
    Well here's a live stream of a gieger counter in Tokyo taking readings.

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    Between November 1944 and April 1945, Japan launched over 9,300 fire balloons. About 300 balloon bombs were found or observed in North America.
    The balloons were intended to make use of a strong current of winter air that the Japanese had discovered flowing at high altitude and speed over their country, which later became known as the JET STREAM.

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  26. Microscopic plutonium fallout inhalation.

    10 years of constant lies from US government,
    10 years of constant lies from controlled media

  27. Duct Tape. That's what the Government told us to do in the case of dirty bombs.

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