Friday, July 11, 2014

MTA Chairman goes to DC to block LIRR strike, de Blasio family flying to Italy to escape LIRR strike

de Blasio family flying to Italy for luxurious 10-day vacation of Italy's finest tourist destinations practically on eve of possible LIRR strike

Italian vacation will feature stops in Rome, Naples, and romantic Venice -- meanwhile, LIRR straphangers face possible strike and commutes from Hell.

de Blasio family - Holiday Road photo de-blasio-familyexport_zps764b871a.jpg

The lure of Italy in summer is too great for the de Blasio family, who are expected to depart on July 18 for a 10-day Italian vacation, even as the deadline of a potential strike by Long Island Railroad workers is set for two days later -- on July 20.


Mayor de Blasio, family will take a 10-day vacation away from the city to Italy (The New York Daily News)

MTA Chairman goes to DC, seeking federal help, Mayor de Blasio calls travel agent

Last Wednesday, a delegation of New York Congressional Representatives -- including three from Long Island -- said that Congress won’t get involved in negotiations for new labor contracts for LIRR employees.

“We’ve made it clear to both sides that neither should count on congressional intervention,” said Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY).

"Hundreds of thousands of Long Islanders would have to work from home, stay with friends in the city, carpool or take a crowded shuttle bus to a Queens subway if a strike moves forward," The New York Post reported.


Congress will not help the MTA avoid an LIRR strike (The New York Post)

Suburban Long Island commuters are on their own ; meanwhile, WNYC wonders how a strike may impact the race for governor

LIRR passengers face strike while de Blasio family go to Italy photo LIRR-06-07-14-belmont-stakes04aw-LIRR_zps8ed83bb0.jpg

THE POLITICAL FALLOUT OF A RAIL STRIKE CAN BE SERIOUS : The last time LIRR workers walked off the job, it contributed to Gov. Mario Cuomo losing his reelection campaign in 1994, WNYC reported.

Facing discontented Democratic voters, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is busy trying to help LIRR union officials and the railroad to strike a new deal to forestall the need for a union strike.

If Gov. Cuomo can't avert a strike, then he faces the prospect of a dire political fallout that could cost him his gubernatorial reelection campaign -- much like his own father faced under similar circumstances exactly 20 years ago.

"Despite his efforts, Mario Cuomo didn't win his bid for a fourth term. According to Newsday, he lost Nassau and Suffolk Counties by 115,018 votes — and the statewide election by 173,798 votes."

How convenient that Mayor de Blasio, who got elected with the help of many unions, is rushing out of town to miss all this political and commuter drama. Will his absence be construed to mean that he doesn't care about LIRR workers, if a strike does take place ?


With LIRR Strike Looming, It's 1994 All Over Again (WNYC)


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