Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Japan, Radiation Is Detected In Its Food Supply ; Need For Safe Food To Be Exported To Japan

Update : Associated Press : Radiation now discovered in Tokyo's tap water supply

OP-ED : Japan Finds High Radiation in Spinach, Milk Near Nuke Plant

The Japanese government has detected abnormal levels of radioactive materials in spinach and milk in Fukushima and Ibaraki, two prefectures near the doomed Fukushima nuclear power plant.

So far, only spinach and milk have tested positive for above-average radiation (whatever that means). But if radiation can be found in milk, it should certainly already be showing up in beef. And if it is showing up in spinach, what about other vegetables or fruits ? What is more, with the radioactive plume blowing out over the Pacific Ocean, seafood would naturally also be exposed to nuclear radiation.

Meanwhile, the tainted Japanese food supply is already causing growing concerns outside of Japan, especially in countries, which import food from Japan.

"As uncertainty remains, countries that import Japanese food are on alert for possible contamination. Those nearby, such as Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Singapore and parts of China, have begun screening the imported Japanese food for radiation, and Italy has banned all Japanese food imports outright. Tuesday, the European Union issued an alert recommending radiation checks on all imports that have come out of Japan since March 15. Contaminated food continues to emit radiation -- the stronger the level of radiation, the longer it lasts. Any exposure to radiation increases the risk of cancer."

Based on these early concerns, the world should begin a program to export food to Japan, to prevent the nuclear radiation survivors from being exposed to anymore radioactivity from domestically-produced food.

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