Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gays Boycott Donald Trump

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Gay Activists Call For Boycott of Donald Trump's Businesses.

Gay activist Allen Roskoff is calling for a boycott of Donald Trump's businesses. The boycott follows Mr. Trump's announcement that he supports neither marriage equality nor civil equality for LGBT Americans.

Mr. Roskoff told The New York Daily News : "Not only should gays be furious, we should be boycotting the products of the advertisers on his TV show" - "Celebrity Apprentice," which premiered Sunday night on NBC-TV "and certainly boycotting his casinos and hotels and apartment buildings."

Mr. Roskoff, from New York City, is credited with co-authoring the nation's first gay rights bill in the 1970's, reported The Daily News. He is also a co-founder of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club.

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