Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Donate to Howie Hawkins for Governor

Make a donation to support a special GOTV project for Howie Hawkins and the Green Party.

2018 NYC Outreach Fund !

GOAL : $20,000.00

In an election year when Corporate Democrats, like Queens Machine Boss Joe Crowley and six of the eight IDC turncoats, were defeated, the ringleader of neoliberals, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, bragged that the progressive wave amounted to "not even a ripple." Furthermore, Gov. Cuomo belitted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's historic defeat of Crowley as merely "a fluke." Despite being in a new political era of immense possibility for progressive change, Gov. Cuomo's response to this historic moment is to insult our progressive sensibilities. Is this acceptable to you ?

The Green Party has a plan to make history this year. But we need your help. Please help us raise $20,000 for a special voter outreach fund in New York City.

Donate $35 right now.

In every election, Gov. Cuomo pulls the levers on a political machine to get out the vote in New York City. To counter-act this, my campaign and the Green Party are building a fund to reach those left behind by a political system that has failed to hold Gov. Cuomo accountable for his corruption and betrayals of the public trust.

The Green Party voter outreach fund will allow us to spread our message.

Donate $35 right now.

What we need is a true opposition party, not just a rearrangement of deck chairs among Democrats. For decades, the Green Party has occupied a rare place in American politics : building political independence from the two Establishment Parties.

My campaigns and the Green Party have a proven track record of forcing elected Democrats to take action on our issues. This campaign is about making the Green Party and the movements we support strong enough to win the changes we need. From the accelerating climate emergency to the continuing concentration of income, wealth, and power in the hands of the 1% -- the corrupt bullies in the White House and the state Capitol won't solve the problems we face.

We need your support : make a donation and please volunteer.

We must act now.

Demand More.

Thank you,


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