Tuesday, June 12, 2018

NYCHA Can Win This - Queens Against Crowley 2018

Queens Against Crowley

NYCHA Can Win This for Queens and the Bronx

With NYCHA in crisis, it's time to #FireBossCrowley

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You might have read yesterday that the city settled a Federal probe into the mismanagement of NYCHA, yet no one was held accountable. For years federal funding to NYCHA has been dwindling, and corporate Democrats like Joe Crowley have avoided taking blame, even as they work to privatize affordable housing through Section 8. Please check out this excerpt from our recent article about how NYCHA residents could stop the games and get actual reform:

For decades corrupt politicians have completely ignored the needs of NYCHA. Everyone – from Rudolph Giuliani to Michael Bloomberg to Andrew Cuomo to Bill de Blasio to Joseph Crowley – has taken NYCHA residents for granted. Periodically, politicians have given a few crumbs to public housing residents, by fixing up a playground or putting in security cameras, and then counted on the votes of public housing residents come election time. Politicians show up to public events for photo-ops with after school programs, pretend to be on the side of working class and low-income families, and then they go and meet with lobbyists to pass legislation for Big Real Estate and Wall Street to exploit public assets for private profit.


Despite what the Democrats in power say, NYCHA is in a complete crisis. Just yesterday, a settlement was reached demanding that the city pay $2.2 billion dollars after a federal probe into lead paint issues, repairs backlogs, negligence, and more. This comes after former head of NYCHA, Shola Olatoye, stepped down for lying about her knowledge of false inspection certificates – where the agency knowingly and deliberately sat on information for months while thousands of families were exposed to lead paint. A crime for which probably no one has been held responsible.

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On June 26th help elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and defeat Joe Crowley, the Corrupt Queens Party Boss, to bring real reform to NYCHA.

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