Friday, March 17, 2017

#Fast4FOIA - Week 2 Update

#Fast4FOIA Day 18 - YouTube Video

Today is Day 19 of the #Fast4FOIA. I began a liquids-only fast on February 27 to peacefully protest how the U.S. Department of Justice violates the Freedom of Information Act. This fast is expected to last about 22 days ; it may end sooner, if, before the end of 22 days, the DOJ files its Answer to the Complaint in my FOIA Lawsuit. In January, I filed a lawsuit under FOIA to obtain records of the speeches of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara because no records were ever released in response to my FOIA Request.

If this fast runs for the full 22 days, then I will have exceeded the longest fast undertaken by Mahatma Gandhi. There were two fasts, which Gandhi undertook, which were tied for the longest at 21 days.

I am posting daily reports on the #Fast4FOIA blog and posting daily videos on the #Fast4FOIA YouTube Channel. I am providing direct links to select vidoes, where you can see the progression of my weight loss on this liquids-only fast.

#Fast4FOIA - Week 2 Update

Here is a list of my YouTube videos :

  • Day 17 [I show you how my belt on the fifth notch has become loose.]
  • Day 11 [I show you that I began to wear my belt on the fifth notch.]
  • Day 07 [I show you how my belt on the fourth notch has become loose.]
  • Day 04 [I show you how my belt at the third notch fits me too loose.]

I have experienced severe hunger pains at different points in this fast, but I have remained faithful to my liquids-only regimen. Everything I have consumed is documented on the #Fast4FOIA blog. (I am only consuming coffee, sometimes iced tea spiked with extra lemon or lime juice, low-calorie Gatorade for minerals, Campbell's chicken broth soup, and prune juice to induce bowel movements. I can see myself reaching Day 22 of this fast, if it is necessary. All of this, because the DOJ believes it can violate FOIA without any consequences. I can't believe I'm writing this, but it looks like I should make it to Day 22, and, if so, I will have outlasted U.S. Attorney Bharara.* I have the utmost respect for the Assistant U.S. Attorneys in the public corruption unit, but I cannot accept that the U.S. Attorney's Office, which is so celebrated for fighting corruption, can violate FOIA so openly.

* In my last newsletter, I complained that there was an apparent conflict of interest in U.S. Attorney Bharara overseeing this FOIA Lawsuit. I had applied for permission to file a letter motion, requesting his recusal. Now, because U.S. Attorney Bharara was removed from office by President Trump, I don't have to make such a filing. This lawsuit is not going to go forward like the DOJ thinks. It already isn't. I'm still looking for pro bono counsel. If anybody would like to volunteer to help me, I would be very grateful. But much more than my own gratitude, all the people filing FOIA Requests with the DOJ would be grateful, because there is a chance here to help bring the DOJ into compliance with FOIA.

Louis Flores
(929) 279-2292


#Fast4FOIA Day 12 - FOIA Lawsuit over records of speeches of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara (NYC : Nes & Analysis)

#Fast4FOIA - Day 12 (YouTube)

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Judge Koeltl assigned to oversee FOIA lawsuit over speeches given by U.S. Attorney Bharara (Progress Queens)

EDITORIAL : DOJ and Manhattan Federal Court begin to put the fix in second FOIA Lawsuit (Progress Queens)

Preet Bharara gives a public speech before the press, but there is no recording or transcript. Why ? (Progress Queens)


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