Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blogger Louis Flores debuts Progress Queens, a new Web site about news and politics

Progress Queens : News and Politics

The evolution of online news

The Internet has allowed for many Web sites to publish news online, but the avalanche of information fails to connect with people. One of the biggest reasons that people are disconnecting from the news is that the mainstream media never gives people the whole truth about how our government is run. Progress Queens was created to address this problem.

Progress Queens upends mainstream media

Whereas the mainstream media fails to make the connections to lobbyists, consultants, and outside contractors in the many corruption scandals that impact government and big business, you can count on Progress Queens to always make that connection for you.

Progress Queens is fighting for a truly progressive reform agenda based on the values that we should each of use economic gains to help those with the least and keep our elected officials accountable to voters at all times. Follow us on Twitter : @progressqueens.


Progress Queens : News and Politics (

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