Thursday, August 21, 2014

Activist Daniel McGowan suing prison system for having been jailed for blogging

Daniel McGowan was jailed for having published a blog post in April 2013

Daniel-McGowan-by-Brandon-Jourdan photo Daniel-McGowan-by-Brandon-Jourdan_zpsa9db28ed.jpg

"Daniel McGowan may have been the first person thrown in solitary confinement for writing a HuffPost blog. Now he'll be the first person to sue the Bureau of Prisons over it." (The Huffington Post)

The government retaliated against McGowan "because he continued writing about politics and environmental activism after he was imprisoned."

After an environmental activist, Daniel McGowan, served a term in prison for charges related to a radical environmental protests that resulted in arson, he was released to a Brooklyn halfway house last year. While at the halfway house, Mr. McGowan published a post about his time in federal prison. That blog post triggered a retaliatory response from the prison system, which transferred Mr. McGowan from his halfway house to the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center.

The revocation of Mr. McGowan's freedom while he was living in the halfway house is the basis of a lawsuit filed yesterday in Brooklyn federal court.


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