Monday, June 30, 2014

Has Facebook become full of shit ?

Delete your Facebook account and never look back.


Facebook's massive psychology experiment likely illegal (Boing Boing)

Facebook will treat you like a lab rat, until you close your Facebook account (CNN Money)

THE TROUBLED SOCIAL MEDIA GIANT Facebook was exploiting the News Feeds for hundreds of thousands of its members as part of a sick and twisted psychology experiment to study how emotions travel through social networks.

When people joined Facebook, they thought that they would be sharing their vacation photographs and every day thoughts with their friends. But now, Facebook is manipulating its members' News Feeds in order to study the psychologies of their members. Is this what social media was supposed to be about ?

“Doing psychological testing on people crosses the line,” Brian Blau, a technology analyst with the research firm Gartner, told The New York Times.

Delete your Facebook account and never look back.

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