Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WATCH : Elaine Stritch dropped the F-Bomb on The Today Show

This morning, Broadway legend Elaine Stritch was interviewed on The Today Show when she dropped the F-Bomb. She was talking about how she always says whatever comes to her mind. Kathie Lee and Hoda reacted with restrained shock ! Ms. Stritch then rambled on in the interview, and when Ms. Stritch missed the cues that the interview was coming to an end, she was eventually cut off mid-sentence.

Ms. Stritch had appeared on The Today Show to promote her new documentary, "Shoot Me."

Elaine Stritch Shoot Me Documentary F-Bomb The Today Show Kathie Lee and Hoda photo elaine-stritch-shoot-me_zps32214c0e.jpg

Ms. Stritch dropped the F-Bomb on The Today Show.


  1. Rewound it, couldn't believe it myself. She got a lot of praise considering 90% of the conversation was a ramble

  2. She definitely did......and Kathie Lee thought they got the "bleep" in over it......SURPRISE..... THE BLEEP DIDN'T MAKE IT IN TIME!!!!