Monday, December 2, 2013

The Anti-LGBT Attacks By Scott Levenson, Alec Baldwin

LGBT groups refused to accept anti-gay attacks from Alec Baldwin. How about from Scott Levenson ?

Scott-Levenson-Alec-Baldwin-Sean-Fieler-Bishop-Joseph-Mattera photo Scott-Levenson-Alec-Baldwin-Sean-Fieler-Bishop-Joseph-Mattera_zps571bdce8.jpg

LGBT groups must come together to address the anti-LGBT campaign work of Scott Levenson. Levenson is a political campaign consultant and lobbyist, who was paid by the conservative City Action Coalition PAC to defeat several LGBT City Council candidates solely because of their identity. One of Levenson's attack ads, against gay Bronx Councilmember-elect Ritchie Torres, was featured in a post on The Village Voice.

The attack ad sent by Levenson criticized Torres for, among other things, living in affordable housing normally reserved for "homeless and mentally ill people," casting negative implications on Torres's character. This raises serious questions as to whether Levenson supports prejudice and discrimination.

As we continue our work for equal civil rights laws and new cultural norms of equality and dignity, the discriminatory actions of Baldwin and Levenson will occur less and less. But only if we continue to speak up and demand that these forms of prejudices must end.

Will notable LGBT advocacy groups, like HRC, GLAAD, and the Empire State Pride Agenda, as well as notable LGBT bloggers, denounce Levenson for the prejudice in his anti-LGBT campaign work ? Balwin was the anchor of a weekly cable news program, but Levenson is a political operative, shaping the outcome of elections in New York. Will LGBT advocates note Levenson's possibly larger detriment to LGBT equality ?

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