Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bill Bratton Stop and Frisk Protest Monday

The Two Tales Of The Two Bills

There are two stories that the two Bills are telling.

The first Bill (de Blasio) started out saying that he would put an end to the "stop-and-frisk era" during the mayoral campaign, but now the story that de Blasio is telling is that stop-and-frisk is a valid police tactic, in spite of the racial profiling, false arrests, and ruined lives it causes.

The second Bill (Bratton) was the grand-daddy of stop-and-frisk in New York City, under General Rudolph Giuliani, and Bratton has been saying on MSNBC how the police have to do stop-and-frisk, no matter what, but now this week-end Bratton was chauffeured over to Rev. Al Sharpton's, where Bratton said that, “Your police force will be respectful," adding, "It will practice what Mandela preached.”

Somebody on Twitter tweeted, "DeBlasio rode a wave of support generated by civil rights & racial justice activists for whom Bratton is a slap in the face. Painful to see."

Well, activists are now planning a protest Monday night against the two tales of the two Bills.

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