Friday, October 4, 2013

Did Scott Levenson sabotage Yetta Kurland's campaign in order to elect Corey Johnson ?

Scott Levenson : Biggest Loser Of The Week

Scott Levenson photo Scott-Levenson_zps050a043b.png

Scott Levenson – Levenson’s consulting firm, The Advance Group, appears to have found a sure-fire way to come out on top in campaigns: secretly represent both sides! That’s what seems to have happened in the race for New York City Council between Yetta Kurland and Corey Johnson. On one hand, The Advance Group was getting paid to run an independent expenditure for the animal rights group NYCLASS supporting Kurland; on the other it appears to have been promoting Johnson’s candidacy through an IE paid for by the UFT via a company called Strategic Consultants—apparently a dummy shell corporation set up to obscure the Advance Group’s double-dealing. With consultants like that . . . (City & State)

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