Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fried Frank Represents Brookfield In OWS Lawsuit Over Library Destruction

How much lower can Fried Frank go ? Sarge Shriver's former law firm represents Brookfield Properties in the Occupy Wall Street lawsuit over Mayor Bloomberg's raid of Liberty Square, which destroyed the People's Library.

From The Village Voice :

... the City of New York will pay more than $365,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by people whose property was destroyed when the New York Police Department raided Zuccotti Park and evicted Occupy Wall Street on November 15, 2011. Occupy Wall Street had brought the suit against the city over the destruction of the People's Library, a collection of about 5,500 donated books that formed a central part of the community that sprung up for two months in the park. In the eviction, many of the books were completely destroyed, and others were so badly damaged as to be unusable. Occupy Wall Street claimed $47,000 in damages, all of which the city agreed to pay today.

On top of the damage claims, the city will also pay $186,350 in fees and costs to Occupy Wall Street's lawyers.

Sarge Shriver's old law firm, Fried Frank, represented Brookfield Properties in the Occupy Wall Street lawsuit over the destruction of the People's Library and the NYPD raid of Liberty Square. Sarge Shriver was known as the architect of President Johnson's war on poverty. He was known for his Progressive and humanitarian causes. With its defense of Brookfield Properties in this lawsuit, and the law firm's work to represent Bill Rudin in his takeover of St. Vincent's Hospital, Sarge Shriver's legacy is now being betrayed by Fried Frank.

2013-04-09 Occupy Wall St v City of New York Settlement (People's Library Destruction Lawsuit)

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