Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Looking to create a Progressive political blogging network in New York City

Are you a -- or do you know any -- Progressive political bloggers interested in being a part of a network of online activists in New York City ?

The activist and blogger Louis Flores and the journalist Gary Tilzer are looking for bloggers to be a part of a collective of online activists. Members of this network will blog about citizen issues in New York City, while helping us to establish an online network of Progressive activists.

Description : Bloggers and online activists -- who care about Progressive issues, government transparency, and improving direct Democratic participation in our own governance -- can enhance their civic participation by forming an online network. Because of the 2013 mayoral election in New York City, our network can play an important role in voter education and mobilisation.

What We’re Looking For : We want someone with passion and expertise in an area of civic issues. If you have a perspective to share, we want you to join us !

Requirements :

  • You should have experience with online writing
  • You should have a unique interest in an area of New York City civic issues
  • You are eager to engage with voters and can commit to blogging regularly
  • You are eager to expand your online activism beyond blogging and into areas, such as producing original YouTube videos that educate and mobilise the public
  • You have an Adsense-like account (but not limited to Google platform), so that you can monetize your own blogging and YouTube videos, if possible

What You're Looking For : As a blogger and an online activist, you want to stop the neoliberal political doctrine of standard flim-flam politicians in New York City.

  • You will be an online activist in the resistance movement fighting the dangerous neoliberalism doctrines of New York City politicians
  • You will be inspired to develop your online activism skills
  • Our network will offer you an expanded platform to expand your online reach
  • You will be making a difference

Get in touch with us today ! If you would like to join our network, please send us the following information via email to: stopchrisquinn (at) gmail (dot) com :

  • A brief description about your background, your experience with writing for activism, and any special skills that you may have
  • Link to your existing blog
  • Describe your interests in activism (what issues do you care about most and why)

Thank you for all that you do.

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