Sunday, February 24, 2013

OKAY, PANIC : The sugary drinks ban endangers coffee !

Nanny Bloomberg Mary Poppins Soda Ban Mike Bloomberg photo Nanny-Bloomberg-Mary-Poppins-Soda-Ban_zpsa573e101.jpg

Mike Bloomberg's nanny over-reaching sugary drinks ban goes into effect March 12. Will people panic, if all sugary drinks have to be downsized -- including coffee ? As of yet, the sugary drinks peddled by Starbucks, like the "610-calorie venti iced white chocolate mochas with whip cream on top," seem to have sneaked by the ban, "but a Coke with fewer than half the calories is verboten." (See also : NAACP vs. Bloomberg’s Soda Ban : The NAACP and other minority groups fight back.)

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  1. I wouldn't stand it. I love sugary drinks like milk shares, cold drinks and other beverages like Kopi Luwak coffee. Though I don't drink these too much and I'm not addicted to them, but listening to the news of their ban is literally making me sick.