Saturday, June 30, 2012

Katie Holmes Grindr Facebook Photo LOL

This funny photo illustration was posted by former Star Trek actor George Takei on Facebook. Since then, it has been being shared far and wide. tom cruise katie holmes divorce grindr picture, tom cruise katie holmes divorce grindr picture app coffee beans

It shows a visibly shaken Katie Holmes, holding a cell phone, and saying, "And then he told me ... Grindr was an app for coffee beans !"

Monday, June 25, 2012

Beth Rudin DeWoody Foundation Funding ?

Is Beth Rudin DeWoody already funneling the obscene profit money from the St. Vincent's Hospital condo conversion to fund her reputation as a contemporary art collector ?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alan Turing Father Computer Science

One hundred years ago today, June 23, Alan Turing was born. He is widely credited with inventing the modern-day computer.

Mr. Turing was persecuted for being a gay man. He died under suspicious circumstances, which investigations show all these many year later may not have been as a result of a suicide.

''Je Suis Toutes Les Femmes'' by Dalida

The global superstar Dalida sings her hit song, ''Je sues routes les femmes,'' live on the French primetime TV show, Stars. Enjoy !

Friday, June 22, 2012

War on Whistleblowers

Manning and Assange are each just "test case" for Governments' hostile treatment and retaliation against Whistleblowers.

The pre-trial hearings in the case of Bradley Manning, accused of the biggest classified data leak in U.S. history, have kicked off in Maryland. But there's growing concern over their fairness, with the U.S. government withholding more than 200 thousand relevant documents from Manning's defense.

By neglecting whistleblower protection laws and escalating the Manning and Assange cases, the US government is setting a precedent to be applied to journalists, future whistleblowers, activists and bloggers, activist Sibel Edmonds told RT. ­Edmonds is the founder of the National Security Whistleblowers coalition, an independent alliance. The activist believes Bradley Manning and Julian Assange are just the beginning.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

George MARTINEZ for Congress

Watch a spontaneous DIY (do it yourself) YouTube interview with George MARTINEZ, who is running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District in Brooklyn. Mr. Martinez talks about how he believes he will take the corruptive influence of corporate money out of politics.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

John Sexton (A/K/A Robert Moses)

Years ago, a brave woman named Jane Jacobs stood up to Robert Moses, who planned to build a big highway right across Greenwich Village. Now comes John Sexton, pictured at left, the President of New York University, who wants to build luxury student housing in a broad swath across Greenwich Village. Sadly, Christine Quinn, the woman known to have corrupt morals, always finds a way to take campaign donations from major zone-busting real estate development projects in her district, like the billion-dollar Rudin luxury condo and townhouse development plan for St. Vincent's Hospital. Rumour has it that Christine Quinn will continue to enable the destruction of the fragile neighborhood fabric of Greenwich Village by approving John Sexton's Village-destroying expansion plan.

NYU-Faculty-Against-Sexton-Expansion-Plan, NYU-FASP (NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan) are throwing an event you might be interested on June 18th to raise awareness of and funds for the fight against this terribly wrong-headed plan

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Livery Taxi Cab Driver Plays Chicken With Jackson Heights Pedestrians

JACKSON HEIGHTS, QUEENS : A livery taxi cab driver threatens to back-up on pedestrians, who were standing on 37th Road, near 74th Street, in Jackson Heights, Queens. The driver was playing ''chicken'' with pedestrians (to see whether the pedestrians would step out of his way), and pedestrians were daring the driver to back-up on them (because the pedestrians were not moving (until a woman in a miniskirt distracted their attention).

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Election Year Wall Street and Bank Bailout ?

The Risks Looming in the Repo Market

Peter Eavis, a reporter for The New York Times DealBook blog, has predicted that the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States will bailout Wall Street through an intervention in the market for repurchase transactions.

''Given the importance of the repo market, central banks are likely to step in to bail out banks’ repo borrowing again in a global financial crisis. Banks themselves have lengthened their repo loans — from a rough average of three months to around five months, at some firms — to make themselves less vulnerable to repo runs. In addition, they’ve taken steps to more evenly offset the repo loans they borrow with the repo loans they make to other firms, even if poor disclosure makes it difficult for outsiders to discern.''

In spite of Mr. Eavis's assuredness of the Federal Reserve's willingness to bailout Wall Street, it remains unsaid what will be the political or social implications of another central bank intervention to bail out Wall Street, while, at the same time, the social safety net is being gutted and shredded by austerity-crazed Republicans, who are focused on short-term politician gains during this election year.

And in spite the reforms that Mr. Eavis celebrates, such as enlarging the terms of repo loans from three months to ''around five months,'' maybe those extra two months can, all by themselves, prevent another credit crisis during this presidential election year ?

Friday, June 8, 2012

OWS Brooklyn Bridge Lawsuit Update

Class Action Lawsuit Against NYPD Over Mass Arrests On The Brooklyn Bridge

Legal opinion by judge, allowing Occupy Wall Street protesters and other plaintiffs to sue the NYPD in a class action based on the police entrapment and brutality during the Brooklyn Bridge protest.

2012 06 07 OWS Brooklyn Bridge Arrests Garcia v Bloomberg Opinion and Order

Class action complaint from mass NYPD arrests of Occupy Wall Street activists.

2011 10 OWS Brooklyn Bridge Arrests Class Action Complaint Garcia v Bloomberg

MF Global Trustee Fraud Investigation Report

2012 06 04 MF Global Trustee Investigation Report

Help Sustain TJ Williams And His Social Justice Work

Please help support the important Social Justice work of TJ Williams.

The LGBT civil rights activist TJ Williams will be spending a large part of summer in New York City, to complete his clerical study, and he is asking for private donations to fund his important work relating to social justice.

''Please join us in our fight for progressive causes, that includes organizing clergy to support the President. It is a crucial time in our history,'' Mr. Williams wrote on his Facebook page. ''And I need your help to sustain, in terms of study and the development of the work that I do.''

Mr. Williams, who is normally based in Chicago, is asking people to donate money to his PayPal account, which can be accessed on his Pilgrimage to Riverside website, to pay for his housing, education, and social justice expenses.

''Your gift today means that more progressive voices of faith will join our national discourse and that we can collectively speak louder then bigoted Conservative voices who have taken over ou air waves,'' Mr. Williams added.

Here is the kind of work that Mr. Williams has done : he takes the message of LGBT equality to African-American churches, to build a grassroots support for LGBT civil rights.

In another example, Mr. Williams made a compassionate appeal for all minority groups to work together, to further progressive causes. Watch the video statement here :

Memory Lane : Lila Leeds

Her name is Lila Leeds. I knew her when I was in my teens growing up. She was MGM's bright young star on the horizon. She was caught smoking pot with Robert Mitchum and they both spent 60 days in jail. Mitchum became more popular than ever. Lila Leeds was never heard from again and forced to leave the state. She did, and went to Chicago. That what it was like for women in the 1950's. -- Mamie Van Doren, via Facebook

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cy Vance Dirty D.A.

Scandalous Cy Vance Razzle Dazzle Dirty D.A. Boy Toy Video Reappears on Dropbox.

Watch the parody video made of Cy Vance's incompetencies that rise to the level of corruption : Dirty D.A.