Saturday, October 27, 2012

Terry Rakolta and Mitt Romney in ''Married ... With FOX'' ?

Mitt Romney's "Married ... With Children" Connection

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a former brother-in-law to Terry Rakolta. Ms. Takolta's relationship with Mr. Romney stems from her sister, Ronna Romney, who is the ex-wife to Mitt's brother, G. Scott Romney. This complex relationship matters.

Ms. Rokolta launched a one-woman letter writing campaign against the Fox Broadcasting Company sitcom, Married... with Children.

In the late 1980's, "Married ... With Children" was the most successful series on the FOX Broadcasting Company, and the controversy over the show's content attracted viewers once word about Ms. Takolta's morality campaign spread. Not only did the ratings of the sitcom "Married ... With Children" benefit from Ms. Takolta's boycott, but so did the situation of the FOX Broadcasting Company, when the company was still struggling.

The link between FOX and Mr. Romney's family was first brought to my attention by Russ DiBello, who posted this information on Facebook.

How does Mr. Romney or his family figure into this scenario ? Some people are questioning why does Rupert Murdoch sometimes express indifference or even disdain toward Mr. Romney, for example, Mr. Murdoch has opposed some elements of Mr. Romney's financial and investment strategy.

But no matter that Mr. Murdoch had to personally "evolve" on Mr. Romney's campaign. Mr. Murdoch nonetheless owes some major gratitude to Mr. Romney's family. For, without Ms. Rakolta's morality campaign, "Married ... With Children" might not have been such a success, much like FOX Broadcasting Company.

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