Saturday, October 13, 2012

NYPD Deny FOIL Request by Louis Flores

NYPD denies FOIL request by Louis Flores, even though NYPD Captain Jack Jaskaran contacted Louis Flores after Louis Flores filed a complaint with CCRB after Officer Lamonica used excessive force to thwart First Amendment rights of Louis Flores.

Captain Jack Jaskaran was asked to contact me after Officer Lamonica used excessive force against me. I sent the standard FOIL request letter template made available by the NYCLU on their website, only filling in my name and a brief description about me, and the NYPD denied having any records, which is a lie not correct. Note how Captain Jaskaran said that he had watched my YouTube video and read my blog, according to my notes of our telephone call. If Captain Jaskaran was only "investigating" the complaint I filed with CCRB, did CCRB give him my phone numbers ? And if Captain Jaskaran was indeed "investigating" the CCRB complaint, where are those records ?

2012 09 28 NYPD FOIL Response and Jack Jaskaran Notes Louis Flores

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