Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mylene Farmer Timeless Concert Petition To Carnegie Hall

Friendly Cultural-Exchange and French Music Appreciation Petition to Carnegie Hall to Host Mylène Farmer's "Timeless" Concert in 2013.

Mylene Farmer Carnegie Hall Petition Photo Illustration Timeless Concert Tour

Mylène Farmer is a famous European singer, and, in 2013, she is launching a tour called "Timeless." Let's get everybody excited, so she will bring her tour to Carnegie Hall in New York City !

Sign the petition : Clive Gillinson, Executive and Artistic Director, Carnegie Hall: Bring Mylène Farmer in Concert to Carnegie Hall in 2013

In 2013, Mylène Farmer is launching a concert tour to promote her upcoming album, "Monkey Me." Mylène Farmer has many English-speaking fans, but she has yet to bring any of her concerts to the United States. If Carnegie Hall would host a concert for Mylène Farmer, it would be a United States exclusive. Win for her fans, win for Carneige Hall !

For this album, Mylène Farmer is reuniting with her long-time composer and artistic director, Laurent Boutonnat. She is known for artistic, high-concept music videos, and her music appeals to a wide cross section of fans given her long and successful career. She has many active internet fan clubs and a growing global fan base.

We ask Carnegie Hall to invite Mylène Farmer to host a concert for her American fans !

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