Saturday, September 1, 2012

Betty White DNC Facebook Group Goes Viral

Yesterday, somebody created a Bring Betty White to the DNC group on Facebook in an effort to lampoon Clint Eastwood's controversial appearance at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Just a few minutes ago, the group had less than 4,000 "likes." As of this posting, the Facebook page is short a few more likes in order to hit 5,000 "likes." The page is going VIRAL.

Betty-White-DNC-Clint-Eastwood-RNC-Mitt-Romney-Empty-Chair, Betty-White-DNC-Clint-Eastwood-RNC-Mitt-Romney-Empty-Chair

Follow the social media campaign on Twitter with this hashtage : #BettyWhiteDNC and a petition.

Betty-White-DNC-Clint-Eastwood-RNC-Mitt-Romney-Empty-Chair-Rebuttal, Betty-White-DNC-Clint-Eastwood-RNC-Mitt-Romney-Empty-Chair-Rebuttal


  1. She should not mimic what Clint did. THIS is what she should do: (Is it bad etiquette for me to post my blog on yours?) If it is my apologies - I just REALLY this would be amazing and it can be if done right...)

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