Friday, June 22, 2012

War on Whistleblowers

Manning and Assange are each just "test case" for Governments' hostile treatment and retaliation against Whistleblowers.

The pre-trial hearings in the case of Bradley Manning, accused of the biggest classified data leak in U.S. history, have kicked off in Maryland. But there's growing concern over their fairness, with the U.S. government withholding more than 200 thousand relevant documents from Manning's defense.

By neglecting whistleblower protection laws and escalating the Manning and Assange cases, the US government is setting a precedent to be applied to journalists, future whistleblowers, activists and bloggers, activist Sibel Edmonds told RT. ­Edmonds is the founder of the National Security Whistleblowers coalition, an independent alliance. The activist believes Bradley Manning and Julian Assange are just the beginning.

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