Friday, June 8, 2012

Help Sustain TJ Williams And His Social Justice Work

Please help support the important Social Justice work of TJ Williams.

The LGBT civil rights activist TJ Williams will be spending a large part of summer in New York City, to complete his clerical study, and he is asking for private donations to fund his important work relating to social justice.

''Please join us in our fight for progressive causes, that includes organizing clergy to support the President. It is a crucial time in our history,'' Mr. Williams wrote on his Facebook page. ''And I need your help to sustain, in terms of study and the development of the work that I do.''

Mr. Williams, who is normally based in Chicago, is asking people to donate money to his PayPal account, which can be accessed on his Pilgrimage to Riverside website, to pay for his housing, education, and social justice expenses.

''Your gift today means that more progressive voices of faith will join our national discourse and that we can collectively speak louder then bigoted Conservative voices who have taken over ou air waves,'' Mr. Williams added.

Here is the kind of work that Mr. Williams has done : he takes the message of LGBT equality to African-American churches, to build a grassroots support for LGBT civil rights.

In another example, Mr. Williams made a compassionate appeal for all minority groups to work together, to further progressive causes. Watch the video statement here :

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