Sunday, May 20, 2012

Protesters in Chicago Urge Growth, Not Austerity

Thousands in Chicago Protest War and Austerity

From Occupy Wall Street :

"You wouldn't know it from watching CNN, but thousands of people have gathered this week in Chicago and elsewhere to peacefully express their indignation at a political system dominated by war and austerity. While world leaders gather for the G8 and NATO summits -- where they are discussing war plans and addressing their failed financial system with rhetoric alone -- Occupiers and our allies are not only holding our own workshops and discussions on the financial crisis, we are taking direct action to create a world that does not need their warfare or austerity. "

Following are examples of what just some of the Chicago protests looked like on Friday, May 18, 2012 :

The very next day, The New York Times published an article that reported that President Barack Obama suddenly began to press for a growth and jobs programs -- totally ignoring the Chicago protests and the activists' messages. Additional videos of the May 18 Chicago protests follow :

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