Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chloë Sevigny Transphobia ?

Chloë Sevigny Cries Over Wearing Prosthetic Penis

Chloë Sevigny has made some culturally incompetent remarks that border on transphobia about her current acting role : she plays a pre-op transgender hitman named Mia in her TV series, Hit & Miss, and had to wear a prosthetic penis, which she described as very upsetting, because "she was worried men would no longer find her attractive," The Daily Telegraph has reported.

"I cried every day when they put it on. You know, I’m ample-chested and I have this on," Sevigny said. "I felt very exposed, and it was hard, very hard, having people so close to your personal parts anyway - who you’re not sleeping with - for an hour-and-a-half each day, to put it on."

"Then looking in the mirror... it was weird. I was lonely and I felt really unattractive," the 37-year-old actress added. "I was confused about my desirability - was I desirable? - in having put that on, and having men see me with that on."

Ms. Sevigny's comments are more than just insensitive to transgenders, what you are dealing with here is ignorance -- deep ignorance on a personal level, when then rises to something worse : spreading hate, because our culture wrongly puts actors and other entertainment people up on pedestals. The right thing to do is to challenge Ms. Sevigny on it, so that she can examine what she is doing. Something similar to this (but not exactly) happened to the author Aphrodite Jones, who once said some very insensitive remarks. What happened to Ms. Jones was that she was challenged, and she came out of that having a new personal understanding that she now carries with her and talks about, having learned new sensibilities. The way I look at it, is as painful as Ms. Sivigny's words are, the key is to challenge Ms. Sivigny and engage her, so that she can learn from her own ignorance and selfishness. That's how you can hear Ms. Sivigny apologise, and then she can go on to speak about this experience to share her new sensibilities with other people.

To change the word, we need to be engaged in a conversation.

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