Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hounded to Death

"Soap actor commits suicide after pup's 'forced' euthanasia," reported The New York Post

Nick Santino overdosed on pills on the evening of Tuesday, January 24, hours after he was ''forced'' to euthanise his beloved dog, Rocco, on account of because of relentless pressure from residents and board members of his Upper West Side condo.

Already, animal rights activists are spreading information about an action alert against the condo board and management company for One Lincoln Plaza.

A Facebook event entitled "Hounded to Death in New York City - Anti-Breed Discrimination Protest" began to be circulated on the Internet tonight by a group called No Kill New York.

Watch a 2010 news segment about the crackdown against dogs and their caregivers by the crazy condo board members of One Lincoln Plaza, at West 64th Street.

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