Thursday, November 24, 2011


The song is called "Prescription"


Ganked all her secrets you fleabag hotel
And you've stolen her nerves as well
Shanked all her dreams and you tanked schemes
Go take your toboggan to hell
Slide away

She's thinkin' 'bout it
A prescription to Timbuctoo
She won't have it all
She's dyin' for it
To erase all her thoughts of you

Killed her ambitions you
Sank all her hope
Now she's traded her CDs for dope
Cut off her nerves and you
tangled her heart strings
Go take your toboggan to hell
Slide away


Crocodile tears rollin out of your lying eye socket
I wanna soc you but I love you so

(There is more but it wasn't recorded in this clip)<

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