Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy NYC Round-up From Rudin Blood Condos to NYC Pensions, Mike Legacy In the Dumpster to Howard Rubenstein Mr. Fix It Busy Man Bill Rudin and The Rudin Family Blood Condos....they are billionaires and not rich enough so they need to have uber high priced luxury condos starting at 1 million dollars and Bill Rudin has amnesia about being quoted in The NY Times stating we need a hospital for the W. Village and to be a leading City in the world arena not a direct quote but he has his paid staff walk by and tell me how wonderful he is and that he is not responsible for a hospital or even owes us one. The community disagrees with Bill Rudin.

Rudin management tele. number is being handed out and folks are asking if Bill Rudin is a civil leader why isn’t he leading the call for a full service hospital in the W. Village?

I don’t have time to cut and paste links from today’s newspapers -- so if you want some updates on politics from Albany to City Hall plus dirt go here.

Here is an interview I just did with Silvia Sanza on her really cool blog which is a new blog on bartering to get what you need. The interview is political and Bill Rudin and Howard Rubenstein are mentioned in the article. Silvia Sanza is a beautiful SOUL, pure NYC and a talented artist, writer and activist. You can visit both her sites and learn more about this passionate woman and see her beautiful photos of New York City, her collages and assemblages and even look at fictional books she has had published. Check out Swap your Mama and Silvia thank you so much for such a wonderful time and a lively interview!

I have been blacked out by the media on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and pals. Howard, have any ideas how that happens, voices in opposition silenced.

Here is my 1st Interview

Thanks to Mr. NYC and the very talented artist, photographer Silvia Sanza....the photo posted with her interview of me is taken by her at a St. Vincent’s We need a hospital.

Occupy Wall Street joins St. Vincent’s We Need A Hospital protest!

At end of tube you hear me yell Hear That Rudin Family?

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