Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Protesting Rudin Condo Offices Day 3

Bill Rudin 2008 Quoted NY Times The lack of a world class hospital would Jeopardize the W. Side Population

The New York Time April 1, 2008 nytimes Bill Rudin quoted...." the lack of a world class hospital will not only jeoparidize the west side population but also threaten NY’s competitiveness as a city!”

Photo of protestors by condo offices -- Bill Rudin wants to be called a Civil Leader than lead the call for a full service hospital click the link above and call Rudin management and ask him to lead the call for a full service hospital.

So when did Rudin sell his soul, the safety of The People out and the City along with Bloomberg and Amanda the People’s Burden.

First in the AM before I roll out of bed write this....

I post this on the walk over to 120 West 12 the Street and do LGBT post from Iphone...

In a separate action, started by LGBT civil rights activist Alan Bounville, the community is being asked to take part in a phone zap against Rudin Management Company. Mr. Bounville is asking that everybody contact John Gilbert, the COO of Rudin Management Group by calling 1-212-407-2400 and by e-mailing :

"Please join the masses and flood Rudin Management Company's phone and email this week so they are aware of the growing wave of public disgust with them stealing a hospital from the community!" urged Mr. Bounville.

These two posts from my Ipad with blogger App.

YouTube highlighting Suzannah Troy interviewed by Silvia Sanza and gives you links to interview where Bill Rudin and Howard Rubenstein are a topic plus link to Murdoch Bloomberg The NY Pensions...the restructuring of John Liu out of The NY Pensions.

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