Sunday, October 10, 2010

Belgrade Pride Parade Solidarity Video Draws Gay Bashing Comments

YouTube Video about New York LGBT Demonstration at the Serbian Mission Triggers Degrading, Threatening Comments

Over the last 48 hours, YouTube users have been posting harassing comments on the video about the LGBT demonstration at the Serbian Mission in New York City in support of today's Belgrade Pride Parade.

Based on these comments and sentiments, it is no wonder why there are constant reports about hate crimes, bias attacks, bullying treatment, and violent threats and injuries made against gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and transgenders -- as well as against LGBT events, like the Parada Ponosa 2010 (the ''Belgrade Pride Parade'').

Here are some recent examples :

dead gay is good gay

  • fuck off americans... i hope that bin laden will sucses to enter with nuclear bomb and fucking kill half of new york next time
  • SERBIA!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stay the fuck out of serbia you bunch of freaks, no1 made you the police of the world... Why do you have to butt in everywhere? Gays in Serbia are not discriminated against as long as they do what they do behind their 4 walls. Stop trying to force your stupid morals on us...
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Here are some earlier examples :

Nobody would give a damn about queers if they weren't so fucking annoyingly neurotic and screechy. They insist on whining in everybody's face about how tough their lives are. Nobody cares about your dirty habits. Just keep them to yourselves.
And it is nothing to be ''proud'' of that you enjoy being a queer. What has ''pride'' got to do with where you like putting your cock?
The notion is fucking ridiculous.

Fat fuck doesn't even know what's going on. The gay pride march in Belgrade went uninterupted and was protected by 6000 police officers. The rioters didn't manage to break through the police barricades. So now go back to your own fucking problems you moron and stop protesting against things you know nothing about in countries you couldn't point out in a map.

why the fuck do american faggots care what's going on in serbia, you have enough problems in your own country

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keep your faggot agenda out of serbia

Go fuck youself!

The above are an example of some of the hateful comments I've been getting. I've flagged, blocked, deleted, and reported other comments.

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