Thursday, October 9, 2014

Did de Blasio set back police reform by stalling meeting with city's District Attorneys ?

de Blasio finally agrees to meet with District Attorneys after seven months of stalling

The Brooklyn District Attorney won't prosecute low-level marijuana possession charges, but the other District Attorneys will, creating a conflict in the application of the law across the five boroughs

For seven months, City Hall refused to meet with New York City's five district attorneys, leaving the city's top municipal prosecutors to deal with arbitrary applications of the law. Police reform activists blame the mayor for on-going arrests for low-level marijuana possession that target Blacks 4.5 more times than Whites. Wasn't the mayor supposed to reform law enforcement by ending unfair policing tactics that specifically target minority communities ?


By ignoring requests for meetings with District Attorneys, Mayor de Blasio has hampered law enforcement reform (Progress Queens)

NYC District Attorneys Finally Get Meeting With Mayor: Sources (WNBC Channel 4 News)

Mayor de Blasio defends 'broken windows' policing strategy after Eric Garner death (The New York Daily News)

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