Monday, June 16, 2014

Sal Albanese Begins Examination Of Last Year's NYC Mayoral Race

Sal Albanese : "My opponents represented the who's who of political hacks, ineffective city officials, and faux progressives."

Sal Albanese photo Sal-Albanese_DeborahYun_2939-2012213_zps9bd815a0.jpg


Sal Albanese :
"Can a campaign of substance prevail ?" (Sal Albanese : "Swinging for the Fences : How and Why I Decided to Run for Mayor" * The Huffington Post)

In a suspensful introductory examination of last year's mayoral race in New York City, former Councilmember Sal Albanese hurtles a proverbial cannon shot across the political bows of the permanent government insiders.

"... Can a campaign of substance prevail ?

In posts to follow, I'll discuss why that question went unanswered and why the issues debated and the people debating them are so relevant to the future of the five boroughs."

Read the whole thing for a promising overview of the need to overhaul the broken political system in New York City.

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