Friday, May 16, 2014

Looking for a donor to make a challenge grant to ACT UP-Paris's crowdfunding campaign

The HIV/AIDS organization ACT UP-Paris has successfully completed an online crowdfunding campaign to raise it's goal of €15,000. Actually, they have exceeded their goal by about €3,000 as of late Friday evening.

Would any philanthropic donors be interested in issuing a challenge grant conditioned on ACT UP-Paris's supporters continuing to raise funds in excess of their goal ? An example of a challenge grant would be a donor challenging ACT UP-Paris's supporters to raise up to €5,000 in excess of the group's original goal, at which point a donor could match 1:1 or 2:1 of this excess amount ? If a donor would pledge to match excess contributions at a ratio of 2:1, this would mean that if ACT UP-Paris's supporters raised a total of €20,000, then a challenge grant donor would look at making a donation of €10,000 to ACT UP-Paris (or, effectively doubling the excess of €5,000) ? This is only a suggestion, and a challenge grant donor would be able to suggest alternative matching ratios and caps on their total contribution commitment.

Any American-based donors interested in issuing a challenge grant, or making a completely private contribution, can contact the group directly by phone at their Paris office : 011 (33) 1 49 29 44 75.

As of Friday evening, 20 days remain before ACT UP-Paris's crowdfunding campaign comes to a close. Contributions can still be made before then through the French crowdfunding platform of KISS KISS BANK BANK.

Please read this very moving essay written by Christophe Martet about the historical impact of ACT UP-Paris.

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