Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bill de Blasio - Hospital Closing Crisis Flyer

The wave of hospital closings continue into the de Blasio-Mark-Viverito administration from the Bloomberg-Quinn administration, because lying, cheating politicians, first promise to meet community demands to save our hospitals, but then turn out to fail to live up to their campaign promises.

2014-05-22 Bill de Blasio Hospital Closings Flyer by Connaissable


  1. Peebles, wife of new winning bidder in #LICH, is rather interested in NYC politics:

  2. LICH is not "downsized". It CLOSED last night. ALL hospital employees were laid off last night. The 1st ambulance corps in the US was established at LICH in 1858 & exterminated in 2014. Replacing the hospital is a walk-in urgent care medical service, located at the site of the former LICH emergency room. LICH=Long Island College HOSPITAL. There is no longer any such thing. LICH is CLOSED. But NYC Mayor doesn't want anyone to know so today the media is deceiving the public by saying the hospital is still open because there is an urgent care room on the corner. THAT may be open but it is not a hospital & there are no hospital services or hospital employees. The nearest hospital to that urgent care room is a few miles away. There is no LICH. LICH IS CLOSED.

    1. I will update the flyer. Now, I wish that the unions would hold the mayor accountable.