Saturday, October 12, 2013

Half a dozen NYPD officers reportedly involved in motorcycle gang attack, reports NY1

At Least Six Cops Took Part In Biker Gang Attack On SUV

NY1 just reported that there were at least half a dozen NYPD officers involved in the motorcycle gang attack of a couple weeks ago, and the NY1 anchor Ruschell Boone added in her report that that number could rise.

Last week, it was reported that undercover NYPD Internal Affairs officer Wojciech Braszczok took part in the violent motorcycle gang attack.

Following Mr. Braszczok's arrest, it was revealed that he had been an undercover officer that had infiltrated and spied on Occupy Wall Street.

Yesterday, DNA reported that a "fourth NYPD officer came forward Friday admitting he was riding with the road rage mob of motorcyclists involved in the vicious beating of a Manhattan father in Washington Heights nearly two weeks ago."

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