Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Public Opinion is Changing Against GMHC and the Latex Ball

Wolfgang Busch publishes remarkable video on YouTube, showing how the Ballroom Community was exploited by Jennie Livingston's documentary, ''Paris Is Burning.''

GMHC has chosen to associate itself with Jennie Livingston and her exploitative documentary, ''Paris Is Burning,'' even though that film sensationalizes members of the Ballroom community. Not only that, but when Ms. Livingston's documentary was in production, she took advantage of many individuals, the Ballroom community alleges.

Despite these sensitivities, it is unknown why GMHC supports ''Paris Is Burning.''

Additionally, each year, GMHC sponsors the Latex Ball, which also exploits the Ballroom community. After years of exploitation and insensitivity, the Ballroom community has called for a boycott of the Latex Ball, as a way to give GMHC a wake-up call.

After a series of videos, Wolfgang Busch, a documentary filmmaker and supporter of the Ballroom community, has released this latest video, which is altering public opinion about GMHC.

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