Sunday, January 27, 2013

Protest against GMHC's Exploitation of the Ballroom Community

Protesting GMHC outside the Winter Pride 2013 gala at Astoria Manor

4 Reasons Why The House Ball Community Will Boycott The 2013 LATEX BALL Sponsored By GMHC :

1. GMHC violated a 20-year-old House Ball policy at the 2011 Latex Ball. GMHC invited Jeannie Livingston from the film Paris Is Burning, which exploited and unfairly portrayed the community.

2. GMHC is cutting into the House Ball economy. By using subsidies, GMHC gives the free Latex Ball, which undercuts House Ball producers.

3. GMHC is manipulating the House Ball's natural artistic progression. GMHC packages the Latex Ball as a health program, interfering with Ballroom subculture.

4. GMHC is dividing the House Ball community. GMHC's insensitivities has soured relations within our community toward the AIDS services agency.

For more information, please visit the official GMHC ... It's a Chop ! blog.

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