Sunday, December 2, 2012

Will Mayor Bloomberg Evict Occupy Sandy Hurricane Relief Volunteers From Staten Island Hub ?

Is Mayor Michael Bloomberg getting ready to evacuate the most successful volunteer hurricane relief response in New York City ? The New York Times City Room blog looks into the mayor's questionable moves against Occupy Sandy.

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Mayor Bloomberg just can't help it : he does not believe that government should provide a safety net for the average person, much less to hurricane survivors. But we do have a choice : why do we accept less ? We don't have to accept less from our publicly elected officials.

Remember, Mayor Bloomberg initially said we didn't need help from FEMA ; consequently, thousands of Hurricane Sandy survivors went without any assistance, since it is Mayor Blooomberg's sick and twisted billionaire worldview that government is not supposed to help people in need. And in that vacuum of cruelty came forth Occupy Sandy volunteers, to not only fill the void, but to also lead by example : humanity means caring for one another.

Is Mayor Bloomberg really getting ready to evacuate the most successful, compassionate, and heroic volunteer hurricane relief response in New York City ?

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