Thursday, November 22, 2012

Line Clogging Demonstration At Golden Farm (Nov. 21)

On the busy day before Thanksgiving, activists demonstrated for union rights at Golden Farm grocery store in Brooklyn.

The owner of a YouTube channel called Matt H. posted this video yesterday of a direct action demonstration in support of employees, who want to unionise at the Golden Farm grocery store in Brooklyn.

On November 21, I stopped by a picket being held outside the Golden Farm grocery store on Church Ave and 4th St. The group was picketing in support of workers rights and union benefits. Their demands were : fair pay and compensation for when they made below minimum wage ; holidays off ; and personal days off. The majority of the time was spent with a picket outside the store. About 12 Minutes were spent inside the store doing what was called a "line clog." It was hilarious...

Among the activists, who took part in this demonstration, were members of OccuEvolve.

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