Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Donny Moss Had His Identity Stolen ; Theft of Identity Used On WSJ Article About Christine Quinn

Activist's Identity Was Stolen ; Sock Puppet Account Used To Post Disparaging Comment. Is This A Form of Cyber Bullying ?

In a spiteful act of immaturity, one of New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's political supporters posted a disparaging comment about a prominent activist on The Wall Street Journal website.

The Journal had reported about the NYPD's use of violence against protesters, and Donny Moss was one of the activists, who was interviewed by The Journal. In response, someone stole Mr. Moss's identity and posted a disparaging comment using Mr. Moss's stolen identity.

Mr. Moss posted this comment on Facebook : "Is posing as someone else when posting comments online a form of cyber identity theft or cyber bullying? The more we're harassed, the more I think we're making a difference."

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