Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rudin Asbestos Kills

Do Protesters Have To Leave A Coffin Outside St. Vincent's, To Demonstrate How Deadly The Rudin Luxury Condo Plan Really Is ?

Bill-Rudin-Asbestos-Kills-Coffin-Luxury-Condos, Bill-Rudin-Asbestos-Kills-Coffin-Luxury-Condos-Protests

The people, who live around the Rudin Luxury Condo Conversion Project at St. Vincent's Hospital, will live a life of a nightmare for years : they will be living next to a major construction project that will stir up asbestos, rodents, noise, and other construction-related pollution. And this is not even taking into consideration the fact that the luxury condominiums and townhouses are replacing a full-service hospital, meaning, that there is no no where to go if residents (including the luxury condo buyers) have asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes, or trauma. All this courtesy of Seventh Avenue Socialite Amanda Burden and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

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