Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Cathie Black Emails!!! Scandal Like Mike's Emails To Haggerty!

Above the ny post article exposing new email scandal for Bloomberg and Cathie Black (out!)
and here is the ny post article exposing Mike’s Watergate Haggerty emails he refused to turn over!
Than Mike perjured himself in court more than once and the immunity Cy Vance gave him does not cover immunity! I=Oopsie!

Cy Vance to busy arresting innocent Occupy Wall Street Protestors and turning a blind eye to NYPD
wacking innocent protestors with their night sticks or fists! The video footage of an NYPD officer
punching a woman trying to hand him a court order to enter Liberty Park -- a court order
from a Judge -- staggering!
Cathie Black Playlist “Black Out!” by Suzannahartist

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bill Rudin Confrontation Viral YouTube

St. Vincent's Hospital activist bird-dogs billionaire Bill Rudin over controversial luxury condo conversion plan.

Artist and political commentator Suzannah B. Troy confronts Bill Rudin on West 12th Street. Community anger towards Mr. Rudin has inspired many protests, including a sustained protest and vigil outside the sales office of the new luxury condos. Mr. Rudin has ruthlessly ignored the community’s need for a full-service hospital. Mr. Rudin paid pennies on the dollar to buy St. Vincent’s real estate, and Mr. Rudin now stands to sell luxury condos and townhouses that, once constructed, are expected to have a combined fair-market value of over $1 billion.

Michael Bloomberg,Bill Rudin,St. Vincent's Hospital,Pepper Spray,Occupy Wall Street,Lower West Side,Hospital Closings

Bill Rudin Screamed Down by Suzannah Troy re St Vincent's + Hospital

Mayor Bloomberg Sued By Christine Quinn re: Homeless Quinn Guilty Too!!!

on YouTube click right hand bottom corner to make large and you can always hit the pause bottom to freeze screen.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stop Rudin Condos Petition

Michael Bloomberg,Bill Rudin,St. Vincent's Hospital,Pepper Spray,Occupy Wall Street,Lower West Side,Hospital Closings

Health Petition : Mayor Michael Bloomberg : Stop the Rudin Luxury Condo Conversion Plan

Sign Our Petition ! The Rudin Luxury Condo Conversion Plan will set a dangerous public health precedent. City politicians would be saying that a top 1% real estate developer can make hundreds of millions of dollars in private profit by converting the charitable public real estate buildings of the former St. Vincent's Hospital, whilst the 99% have no replacement Level One Trauma Center or Full-Service Hospital. If Rudin's Condo Plan is approved, Mayor Bloomberg would be saying that it is O.K. for an entire section of New York City to have no full-service hospital. How can this be a responsible public health care policy ? Mayor Bloomberg needs to stop the Rudin Condo Plan for St. Vincent's Hospital until a full-service hospital is created.


The song is called "Prescription"


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And you've stolen her nerves as well
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tangled her heart strings
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Crocodile tears rollin out of your lying eye socket
I wanna soc you but I love you so

(There is more but it wasn't recorded in this clip)<

Justin Bieber Macy's Commercial

Justin Bieber in Macy's Black Friday Commercial : Grown Men Scream Like Teenage Girls.

Mike Bloomberg Nanny Mayor Pepper Sprays City No Hospitals Message Drop Dead Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out image -- Mike Bloomberg’s face on the cop that pepper sprayed all the students sitting down protesting in California !!!!!!

Sign the petition! Please sign! Our Nanny mayor is concerned with 2nd hand smoke, fat but when comes to not having a hospital Mike Bloomberg’s message is drop dead!

Check out Suzannahartist’s YouTube from Yesterday -- also addresses Rudin Luxury Condo

Mayor Bloomberg NYPD Badges + Fists Press "NYT Re-Ed" Michael Powell Parody

Repeat after me: The Rudin Family are the Mother Teresa of Real Estate!

Question: If the Rudin Family are the Mother Teresa of Real Estate why don’t they help get a full service hospital.

Andrea True More More More RIP

From The New York Times obituary : ''Ms. Truden, who died on Nov. 7 at 68 in Kingston, N.Y., finally did win her stardom, if fleetingly, by writing and recording a song about the life she had known in the world of sex films. Produced under her stage name, Andrea True, the song, More, More, More, is now widely considered a classic of the disco genre, recognizable to many for the lyric “How do you like it?” repeated over a simple beat.''

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Megyn Kelly Pepper Spray Petition

Petition To Make Megyn Kelly To Eat Pepper Spray

Yesterday, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly told Bill O’Reilly that police pepper spray, like the spray used on the UC Davis student protestors, is “a food product, essentially,” reported Nick Douglas. Now, Mr. Douglas is petitioning Ms. Kelly to eat or drink a full dose of pepper spray and broadcast it on Fox News.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg NYPD Press Re-Ed Michael Powell Parody

click above for exciting reads on Bloomberg, the media, Occupy Wall Street -- innocent people arrested but not corrupt NYC gov officials and “buy” by the way -- have we been given the names of which NYC gov officials have had their tickets fixed.

Additional reading....why SAIC, Mike Bloomberg, Murdoch might be motivated to make a political hit against John Liu and hint -- it isn’t just his stance on being pro-Union....

Does SAIC have some CIA and FBI contacts willing to help out?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christine Quinn Pure Garbage! House Beautiful magazine Support NYer in Poverty!

  • @NoirHammer Agreed! Well put -- we want OWS to join us outside 120 West 12 th Street Rudin Sales office for Luxury Condos --- St. Vincent’s Hospital Rudin profits People Die and Quinn gets kick back aka compaign donations from Rudin.

  • She's pure garbage. I just hope the Occupy Wall Street protesters start congregating outside her home. The carriage horses and democracy can't withstand another year of this animal being in office.

    More people FELL in to POVERTY and homelessness -- remember Christine sold the lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy but look at her donors for her campaign run to see who she and Mike helped including The Billionaire
    Rudin family!

    NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn was named one of 12 “design visionaries to watch” by House Beautiful magazine.

    Makes sense House Beautiful Magazine Supports Christine Quinn --
    homeless people don’t buy House Beautiful Magazine!!!!!!

CUNY, NYPD Provoke Violence Among Peaceful Student Protesters

CUNY Attacks Tuition Hike Protest

Under the caption of, "Police loving violence against the students and citizens," AnonOps Communications blog posted this observations about how private CUNY security and NYPD are increasingly using violence against peaceful protesters :

Occupy Cuny and allied protestors who gathered Monday at Baruch College to express opposition to CUNY tuition hikes, unfair labor practices, and privatization were met with an increasingly familiar response: violent suppression of their basic right to dissent. Protestors were barred from attending a so-called "public" meeting of the school's trustees and ordered to disperse. CUNY security and NYPD moved in with nightsticks drawn, turning a nonviolent protest into a chaotic melee.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pepper Spray Students UC Davis

Police pepper spraying and arresting students at UC Davis

During peacefully Occupy Movement, police came in to tear down tents and proceeded to arrest students who stood in their way. Once students peacefully demanded the release of the arrested, a police officer unnecessarily pepper sprays the students to open a path for the rest of the officers. The officer who sprayed the students was UC Davis Police Lieutenant John Pike, - (530) 752-3989. Students are also asking that everybody sign a petition, calling for the resignation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi for her "failure to protect UC Davis student's First Amendment right to assemble, or even their physical safety."

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Nov 17 OWS Solidarity Protest Hospital Shame On Christine Quinn!!!!
Click here to see it better...the tools on the bottom of the YouTube give you options like the one to the far right lets you see it on a full screen....take a look

Mayor Bloomberg Nov 17 OWS Solidarity Protest Hospital

Rudin Condos A Hospital WHERE R U Bloomberg, Rubenstein, Health Commish,...

Louis Flores Occupy Wall St Health Care St. Vincent's Nov 17

Livestream and YouTube #OccupyWallStreet #Nov17 Videos of Healthcare/St. Vincent's Actions in New York City

Healthcare Events During #OccupyWallStreet #Nov17 Day Of Action

The groups Hands Off St. Vincent's and the Healthcare for the 99% Working Group for #OccupyWallStreet joined forces to hold a "Speak-Out and Die-In" protesting the Rudin luxury condo conversion of St. Vincent's Hospital :

Some activists laid down on the wet concrete in the cold rain, while other activists traced their "dead" bodies with chalk. Here's a brief snippet of a circulating picket :

Early New York Times photo and City Room blog post :

Occupy Wall Street,November 17,NOV17,Day of Action,Healthcare for the 99% Working Group

Livestream :

Watch live streaming video from owsnyc at

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chinese Choir Bad Romance


Chinese Choir performs Lady Gaga's ''Bad Romance'' on Chinese television.

Check out the epic Chinese grandma at 3:18. Then, check out the lyrics, which are posted at

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Impeach Mayor Michael Bloomberg Petition

WE THE PEOPLE, of the city of New York and citizens of America, demand the immediate resignation of current mayor Michael ''Mike'' Bloomberg due to gross negligence in handling of Occupy Wall Street, thousands of protestors have been denied their 1st amendment right. Mayor Bloomberg continually turns a blind eye to the abuse being brought by the NYPD.

St. Vincent's Speak-Out Die-In

2011-11-17 St Vincents - OWS - Speak-Out and Die-In

Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Prayer False Arrests Wes Trexler Central Park

Suzannah Troy Occupy Wall Street Rudin Join Us 120 W 12th St. Demand A H... Spent hours down at Occupy Wall Street handing out two flyers -- one an annoymous one I did not make with Bill Rudin’s direct tele. no with a request he be the civic leader he claims he is and live up to his quote in The NY Times stating we need a world class hospital.

Well we are getting uber high priced luxury condos and no world class hospital.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

St. Vincent's Activists Will Visit Scott Stringer

2011-11-14 St Vincent's Activists Will Visit Scott Stringer

Bill Rudin St. Vincent's Activists Meeting

2011-11-14 St Vincents Activists - Bill Rudin Invitation (St. Vincent's)

Bill Rudin Civic Leader ?

Please join the masses and flood the Rudin's phone and email this week, so they are aware of the growing wave of public disgust with them stealing a hospital from the community ! Be ready to hear the Rudin’s LIE TO YOU and tell you the Urgent Care Center they plan on putting in one of the St. Vincent's buildings will replace the full-service and trauma services that St. Vincent's provided.

CALL RIGHT NOW : John Gilbert, COO : 1-212-407-2400


Find us on Facebook : Hands Off St. Vincent’s

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bill Rudin Electric Shock Therapy at St. Vincent's Hospital

The community is buzzing about word that a construction worker doing electrical work on the luxury condo conversion of St. Vincent's was electrocuted earlier this week. No information is known about the cause of the electocution or the status of recovery of the construction worker, except that he was rushed across Manhattan to Beth Israel, because there is now no hospital in the entire Lower West Side of Manhattan as a direct result of the Rudin Condo Conversion Project for St. Vincent's.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Protesting Rudin Condo Offices Day 3

Bill Rudin 2008 Quoted NY Times The lack of a world class hospital would Jeopardize the W. Side Population

The New York Time April 1, 2008 nytimes Bill Rudin quoted...." the lack of a world class hospital will not only jeoparidize the west side population but also threaten NY’s competitiveness as a city!”

Photo of protestors by condo offices -- Bill Rudin wants to be called a Civil Leader than lead the call for a full service hospital click the link above and call Rudin management and ask him to lead the call for a full service hospital.

So when did Rudin sell his soul, the safety of The People out and the City along with Bloomberg and Amanda the People’s Burden.

First in the AM before I roll out of bed write this....

I post this on the walk over to 120 West 12 the Street and do LGBT post from Iphone...

In a separate action, started by LGBT civil rights activist Alan Bounville, the community is being asked to take part in a phone zap against Rudin Management Company. Mr. Bounville is asking that everybody contact John Gilbert, the COO of Rudin Management Group by calling 1-212-407-2400 and by e-mailing :

"Please join the masses and flood Rudin Management Company's phone and email this week so they are aware of the growing wave of public disgust with them stealing a hospital from the community!" urged Mr. Bounville.

These two posts from my Ipad with blogger App.

YouTube highlighting Suzannah Troy interviewed by Silvia Sanza and gives you links to interview where Bill Rudin and Howard Rubenstein are a topic plus link to Murdoch Bloomberg The NY Pensions...the restructuring of John Liu out of The NY Pensions.

Suzannah Troy Artist Interviewed by Silvia Sanza

Suzannah B. Troy NYC Round-up From Rudin Blood Condos to NYC Pensions, Mike Legacy In the Dumpster to Howard Rubenstein Mr. Fix It Busy Man Bill Rudin and The Rudin Family Blood Condos....they are billionaires and not rich enough so they need to have uber high priced luxury condos starting at 1 million dollars and Bill Rudin has amnesia about being quoted in The NY Times stating we need a hospital for the W. Village and to be a leading City in the world arena not a direct quote but he has his paid staff walk by and tell me how wonderful he is and that he is not responsible for a hospital or even owes us one. The community disagrees with Bill Rudin.

Rudin management tele. number is being handed out and folks are asking if Bill Rudin is a civil leader why isn’t he leading the call for a full service hospital in the W. Village?

I don’t have time to cut and paste links from today’s newspapers -- so if you want some updates on politics from Albany to City Hall plus dirt go here.

Here is an interview I just did with Silvia Sanza on her really cool blog which is a new blog on bartering to get what you need. The interview is political and Bill Rudin and Howard Rubenstein are mentioned in the article. Silvia Sanza is a beautiful SOUL, pure NYC and a talented artist, writer and activist. You can visit both her sites and learn more about this passionate woman and see her beautiful photos of New York City, her collages and assemblages and even look at fictional books she has had published. Check out Swap your Mama and Silvia thank you so much for such a wonderful time and a lively interview!

I have been blacked out by the media on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and pals. Howard, have any ideas how that happens, voices in opposition silenced.

Here is my 1st Interview

Thanks to Mr. NYC and the very talented artist, photographer Silvia Sanza....the photo posted with her interview of me is taken by her at a St. Vincent’s We need a hospital.

Occupy Wall Street joins St. Vincent’s We Need A Hospital protest!

At end of tube you hear me yell Hear That Rudin Family?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bill Rudin Gang Laugh at Us We Need Hospital Sales Offices 120 W 12t Street

Shame on Bill Rudin and his high priced suits and even his high priced public relations team!

Bill Rudin has billions but apparently that is not enough money for him so he has to make more billions with condos putting greed and stupidity ahead of the safety of the community.

A news reporter hoping to upload her interviews to NPR came and spent a lot of time interviewing us and she was the first to show up.

We appreciate and are grateful to everyone that did who up and the NYPD providing a barricade

Join us stand with us in us 20 minutes or 2 hours, stand with us in the middle of the block on 12th Street on the south side of the Street between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. There is a police barricade set up for us. We are standing closer to 144 W 12th Street because of construction. Please come stand anytime you can!!! Thank you!

Bloomberg’s administration is infamous for a reckless Tsunami of Development on “old” New York’s infrastructure and the infrastructures like hospitals, open fire houses, no cuts to NYPD when in fact Bloomberg is cutting NYPD, paras in schools, etc.

We have more poverty and homelessness and what does Bill Rudin, a civic’s leader wannabe doing to help provide a FULL service hospital? Nothing.

Socialite, mega-millionaire, Amanda the People’s Burden the worst City Planner ever!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Small Protest Outside Rudin Sales Office 120 West 12th Str. Monday Tuesday etc.

Andrea Swalec broke the news story for DNAinfo that Rudin was opening sales office this Monday! Expect a protest Monday am -- starting small....with the hope to build to send a message to Bill Rudin and all the players that put greed before safety.

Kudos for DNAinfo for reporting the news mainstream media isn’t.

The goal is to build the number of protests and the hours...who knows down the road maybe Occupy Wall Street will join can only hope....

We need a hospital....this is again greed over the good of the community with the Rudin Family jumping on the NYU bandwagon putting greed before the safety and best interests of the community.

Rewind to the illegal air sale I fought by the USPS to NYU at 120 East 12th Street to NYU and USPS never notified the State of the air sale of historic St. Ann’s from 1847 which survived all these years everything but NYU’s need and greed to build yet another zone busting mega-dorm and now their pals The Rudin with voice box Mitchell Moss think they can steam roll over the needs of the community yet again and the community does know this is life or death far more dangerous than 2nd hand smoke but the Bloomberg administration terms 1 -3 continue to push a reckless Tsunami of Greed and Stupidity refusing to put safety 1st.

Amanda the People’s Burden is truly the worst city planner in NYC’s history giving illegal zone busting green lights to her wealthy pals including NYU, Cooper Union and supporting eminent domain abuse from Columbia University to the property in Brooklyn now owned by a Russian Billionaire.

Welcome to Bloomberg’s hideous “new” New York built on “old” NY’s infrastructure.

How do you push population growth and uber the top development and shutter hospitals around NYC, close fire houses and cut FDNY, NYPD, EMS and hundreds of paras in NYC school system mayor Bloomberg, Christine Quinn who acts as his deputy mayor and gets kick backs from development as well as socialite mega-millionaire Amanda Burden the Cathie Black of City Planning -- answer how do you green light all this reckless development on old NY’s infrastructure for your pals.

Christine Quinn’s answer is clearly found in whom donates to her mayoral run...and that is greedy corrupt entities involved in real estate as well as Wall Street Bail Out money.


Why Bill Rudin, the commissioner from the State Health Dept , mayor Bloomberg as well as Christine Quinn seem unable to comprehend pushing development without infrastructures including a full service hospital is a very dangerous game.

I understand Quinn has received generous campaign donations from Rudin so like Bloomberg she will get the same message Mike Bloomberg got via the voting booths.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google Blogger YouTube Censorship: Is This China or NYC - how Activists critical of Bloomberg and Christine Quinn are Banned by Suzannah Troy Artist

Read the press release above to learn how yet another New York Political Activist has been removed from Google’s blogger and or YouTubeland yet again!

Write asap and demand they return Louis Flores’s blogs!!! Ask all friends and enemies to write as well. Is this China or the USA?

Louis’s last post was pointing out Christine Quinn was on reminding the People Christine Quinn signed off on the requirement that protestors need a permit for a crowd over 50 people.

Click on the link above and you will read this...

This morning’s censorship followed just hours after Mr. Flores published a controversial blog post on the Christine Quinn Sold Out blog, which traced back to New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn the problems that the #OccupyWallStreet social movement have been having with protest permits. Note that the Christine Quinn Sold Out blog and the controversial post ( have also been temporarily removed/deäctivated by Google’s Blogger service.

Note this Christine Quinn blog was removed but has been returned but No Third Term and other blogs listed in the press release above remain removed. Below a sample of Louis Flores work...

Thanks again to famed Civil Rights lawyer, Louis Flores, Queens Crap and everyone that took the time to write Google on my behalf to demand my YouTube channel highly critical of Bloomberg be restored. The last YouTube I has posted before being removed was highly critical of David Yassky for aiding and abetting Bloomberg in pushing through an illegal third term denying voters a referendum.

Note: Gary Tilzer’s blog True News from Change was removed as well -- I remember it was on a Sunday and Louis Flores and I worked our guts out all day to get his blog returned to him.