Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taco Bell Discrimination Petition

Yum! Brands Employee at Taco Bell in Louisiana is Dismissed Because He is Gay

The LGBT civil rights group Connecting Rainbows is calling for a world-wide boycott of Yum! Brands restaurants.

Jason Ray Smith, a gay employee of Taco Bell restaurant in Bossier City, Louisiana, was dismissed from work because he was honest about his sexual orientation on his Facebook profile and on his Connecting Rainbows profile.

Members of Connecting Rainbows have started an online petition on, demanding that Taco Bell institute cultural competency training.

Mr. Smith was told he needed to be taken out to the corn field and have the gay beaten out of him. When he reported it, Mr. Smith was harassed and intimidated by Taco Bell management.

Connecting Rainbows, in turn, demands that :

  • Yum! Brands restaurants apologize to Jason and the LGBT community ;
  • rehire Jason and provide a hostile-free work environment, or compensate Jason for his loss of income and other damages ;
  • stop discriminating against LGBT employees ; and
  • provide diversity, cultural competency, and sensitivity training based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression for all Yum! Brands restaurant employees WORLD-WIDE !

Mr. Smith said that Taco Bell conditioned his rehiring on Mr. Smith deleting his Facebook account and deleting his Connecting Rainbows profile, which Mr. Smith has said he will NOT do. Sign our petition demanding that Taco Bell follow through on its commitment to diversity.


  1. Which Taco Bell in Bossier? Anyone know? It would be good if those of us who've been known to buy a burrito or two might speak up on this young man's behalf.

  2. The claims made with regard to this incident are, at best, twisted to meet the needs of the poster (particularly Mr. Flores) and, at worst, completely untrue (which would be the majority of the complaint.). If you want the other side of the story contact Taco Bell Corp. Public Relations or the Bossier City Franchisee at (800) 226-8500 x15. If you are the type of person that punishes companies and their employees simply because you read something on a blog - meaning you believe anything you read - then believe what you want. If not, then a little fact checking (by someone) is in order don't you think. Feel free to call.