Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Nuclear Radiation Worries

Since the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami, Japan has endured a nuclear crisis that has now lead to two explosions at a nuclear power plant.

Moments ago, a new explosion took place at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, this time in what has been described as its Unit 3 reactor. YouTube video of the new explosion :

This new explosion follows an earlier explosion in the Unit 1 reactor at the same power plant. YouTube video of that explosion :

Video Credit : ProducerMatthew.

The twin disaster is prompting fears about radiation prevention and treatment, including any necessary safety measures that would provide for the public health.

The power plant at Fukushima is approximately 150 miles north from Tokyo. The people living closest to the damaged nuclear power plant had already been told to stay indoors and avoid drinking tap water as a result of the Saturday explosion. Evacuees are being taken to shelters. It is not yet known what other nuclear emergency advisories are being made, or preparations being taken, at other large large cities in Japan. Yesterday, it was also reported that authorities were planning for the distribution of Iodine to residents. (Iodine can be taken to prevent the absorption of radiation by the thyroid, reported MSNBC.)

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