Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lady Bunny in a YouTube movie review of "Burlesque" and companion parody music video

Lady Bunny Salutes Cher and Christina in ''Burlesque'' in an outrageous YouTube parody video : ''Welcome to Grotesque'' !

New York showgirl Lady Bunny reviews the movie ''Burlesque,'' for all of us who didn't bother to watch the movie, because the plot was so bad. The movie review doubles as a tribute to gay icon Cher. In the review, Lady Bunny is hilarious. Lady Bunny has been on a roll lately with her YouTube videos, and this one is definitely one to watch. On this Oscar night, I nominate this video for best campy YouTube make-up. When you watch it, you'll see why.

Written by and directed by Lady Bunny, who also stars as "Scare."

Beloved downtown NYC clown David Ilku appears in the Stanley Tucci role.

Versatile Greg Scarnici plays Christina Hag-uilera to the hilt.

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