Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oui Mais Non Music Video Review

Mylène Farmer : Music Video Review : ''Oui Mais ... Non'' ; ''The new music video for ''Oui Mais ... Non'' is more of a ''mainstream'' music video for Mylène Farmer.''

The new music video for ''Oui Mais ... Non'' is more of a ''mainstream'' music video for Mylène Farmer. Yes, there are qualities about this video that are similar to Lady Gaga's video for ''Bad Romance.'' In ''Oui Mais ... Non,'' Ms. Farmer is not collaborating with Laurent Boutonnat, her longtime co-song writer/artistic director, for this video (and song), so her latest presentation is very different. But Ms. Farmer was already moving to more commercial, dance house-friendly music/videos in her last CD ; I love the concert video of ''C'est Dans L'air'' ). That is not to say that her choice of musique, ballads sometimes dark and controversial (''Cest Une Belle Journée'')(''Crier La Vie'' avec Moby), were never dance or remix-friendly. On the contrary, many of her greatest hits have all the elements of great dance tracks. While some of her past videos were highly dramatic mini-fims, complete with plots and sometimes running 10 minutes long (I'm thinking of ''Désenchantée'' here), she has also experimented with more ''traditional'' music videos (''Je T'aime Mélancolie'').

Ms. Farmer is undoubtedly very talented, so it is great to see her continue to experiment across a wide artistic range. J'adore !

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